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Excellent advice for podcasters

First-time listener and will definitely become a regular subscriber! Every episode title is calling my name and answering a question I have wondered about myself. Tanner is so kind to offer up his advice and industry intel to all podcasters, every day.

Inspiration and education

Great advice for newbies and seasoned pros, delivered in an easy-to-follow format, with examples! I love listening to someone who loves what they do. This podcast is a source of inspiration and education for me. Tanner is the man.

Must Listen to Resource

If you want to get into podcasting, want to improve yours or just get better this is a must listen resource.

Redownloaded Apple Podcasts Just to Review This

I redownloaded Apple podcasts (despite being an Overcast user) just because this show deserves as many 5 star reviews as it can get. Tanner offers real, actionable, advice, in a grounded, clear, realistic way. I don’t really like “podcasts about podcasting” but this show is the exception - no fluff or rectal smoke-blowing, just quality advice from someone who knows what they’re on about.

Candid. Clear. Comedic.

Tanner tackles our FAQ, even questions we didn’t realize we have, in a light, bright, fast-paced manner. He breaks down the topics into easy to follow, easy to apply answers that make you want to keep listening—and creating. Great contribution to the growing biz of podcasting.

Great show name

Loved it and love supporting an Indie podcaster. Subscribed and currently binging.

The man IS a sage!

The title refers to a moment in an episode called “Beating the podcast blues” in which Tanner describes his stoic philosophy with the disclaimer “I am not a sage.” I heartily disagree, as the advice he provided to a questioner was some of the calmest, most wise advice I could ever imagine. I loved everything about the episode, and I will be utilizing his advice in the future to be sure. I’m also rather blown away by the productivity and the pace of episode releases. If the episode I heard is at all typical of the quality of this show, it’s an amazing feat to pour out this much wisdom on such a regular basis. So glad to have found this show and I’ll be back many times for more sage advice.

Tanner is the Man…er?

So I’ve been pretty religiously listening to this podcast for little snippets here and there on how to improve on my OWN podcast. First of all, Tanner talked me into switching from one platform to another (HEY CAPTIVATE! Much love!) and I couldn’t be happier. I also appreciate how he really has the backs of podcasters just starting out. It’s really nice to have a knowledgeable ally in this podcasting world.

Extremely talented and fun to listen to

Tanner’s runs a great show here. With new podcasters highlighted all the time and helpful insight into asked questions from listeners—including myself. I wasn’t sure if I’d enjoy it before I listened because I’m used to a show with more length, but truthful, I dig it! More so than I thought. And I think that the format lends itself to a shorter show. And that works well. Overall, great show. Great host. And Great information!

A Treasure Chest of Knowledge

So much great information on the process and industry of podcasting.

So many insights

I really enjoy this show. So much knowledge and insights are shared. I always learn something new.

Great host with so much information!

I am a musician who has decided to try getting into producing podcasts and sound design. I don’t remember how I came across the link to this show but I look forward to every episode. Tanner has a great style, he is knowledgeable and provides advice in a succinct and humorous way. After listening for two weeks I’ve decided to try and make my own podcast from scratch. I know I will be going back to past episodes to get the info I need. Great work Tanner! I’ll be buying you a few beers for sure.🍺

A podcast with info I trust

This podcast is full of actionable tips, authentic debate of strategy pros and cons, and besides that, the audio quality makes for great listening. As a podcaster myself, I recommend this show to anyone with or considering a podcast.

Great, solid advice

Tanner provides tangible advice in regard to growth and other areas in the podcasting space that too few seem to cover. A helpful and terrific resource.

Helping me figure my stuff out!

Thank you Tanner! You are helping me figure out the missing information regarding starting my podcast! Thank you!

Great Resource for All Podcasters

If you are a podcaster or just thinking about starting a podcast you will want to listen to what Tanner has to say. He breaks down the complex world of podcasting into digestible, easy to understand bits. You will be a better at content creation, marketing, editing and more if you start your day with Tanner.

A great listen!

This podcast is amazing and the amount of information I can glean from it for my own productions. Highly recommend this for all folks in the podcasting community and even more for people who are trying to start a podcast!

Valuable nuggets of podcasting knowledge…Daily!

This podcast is on my daily routine! There's a lot of podcasts about podcasting, but the host, Tanner, is super direct, clear, and transparent about his podcasting insights and advice. A must listen if you're interested in growing your podcast!

Helpful as a new podcast producer

I’m only two episodes in and this is already super helpful. I’m looking forward to the rest. Tanner’s blog has some really good insights, too. Thanks for sharing this info.